Teaching Inductive Bible Study at ACTA Bibelskole

Students from ACTA BibleSkole

Students from ACTA BibleSkole

After two months working with Laget in Stavanger, we were challenged to teach something at ACTA Bibelskole. ACTA is a biblical school from IMI Kirken in Stavanger. In the beginning, we felt scared because it would be the first time that we would teach in English and in an important school as ATCA. However, we knew that God would be with us and He would help us with everything at ACTA.

We had thought to teach about the method of inductive bible study because we use it a lot in ABUB (student movement affiliated with IFES in Brazil) and after to think about it, we agreed to teach about it at ACTA. Then, we start the preparation to class. The main challenge in the work before the class was to translate to English all of resources that we have about inductive bible study. We used as main reference, the book “O Estudo Biblico Indutivo” by Antonia Leonora van der Meer. The book has been used by students in Brazil to learn how they can make and lead an inductive bible study at University and high school throughout Brazil.

On the day of class, we arrived at ACTA 30 min before class to join the students in a devotional time. We sang some songs and prayed for few minutes. The devotional time was good, ACTA students are very intense in their spiritual lives, especially when it comes to worship, at least that was my impressions. After the devotional time, we started the class. The students were from different countries of World. There were students from Philippines, Kenya, Chile, Serbia… Well, those are the ones I can remember. I really like that kind of culture mixture and I think it helped a lot the discussions in the class. The class had three parts of 45 minutes. The first part we introduced ourselves to students and we told a little bit about ABUB and our work with ABUB. We also presented the concept of inductive bible study and a bit about the theoretical part of it. The theoretical part, although to be a bit boring, was very good because the students were really engaged in the class and asked us many questions about it. The second part, we simulated an inductive bible study at university with them. We made a circle with the chairs, then I leaded a bible study. For me, it was my favorite part because I spoke very less. I was very happy because it is exactly how should be an inductive bible study: all of people contributing in the study. The students were very well in the second part. Finally, in the last part, we proposed the students to make a study using the inductive method. We choose a bible text and they made a study from it.

The experience at ACTA was amazing for me. I could see that I have improving a lot my English and now I am using it as a work tool. I also got very happy for taught the method inductive bible study because it is the main tool that we use in ABUB and I could share it with other students in Norway.

Written by Felipe Augusto

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