Many languages, differents nationalities and diverses cultures: We are Hald

On December 9th to 19th, 2018, we returned to the Hald International Center in Mandal to attend the Infield. The Infields happening when every internationals students from Hald return come back to there for meetings. We are approximately 30 international students in Norway.

We returned to the Hald with various expectations and it was very nice to be able to reconnect our friends there. We had some lessons about the book of Genesis and the life of Joseph. One of our Brazilian friends, Lucas Francisconi, taught a lesson about the life of David and his example as a man after the heart of God. It was a very interesting class.

One of my biggest expectations about the intership was to finally to see the snow. In Sandnes and Stavanger, unfortunately, it does not usually snow as much as other cities in Norway. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Rio is an extremely warm city. It is very common to have a temperature above 40 degrees. So, my dream was to see the snow. And that's what happened. When I was still in Brazil, I promised myself that I would throw myself in the snow. Well, I kept that promise and I buried myself in the snow.

One of Hald's most memorable nights was when the Interact Program students organized Praise and Prayer. There was a time when we sang the song "How Great Thou Art" in English, Portuguese Malagasy, Nepalese and Swahili at the same time! It was wonderful. This moment reminded me of the biblical text of Acts, chapter 2, on the day of Pentecost.

In the last days, we went to Ice Skating at a park in Mandal. I confess that I found it cool, but very dangerous if you're not careful. I tried sometimes to balance myself, but it did not work very well. Anyway, it was a very different experience for me and it was worth trying .

Before I forget: I was feeling a lot missing from Hald's food. Yes, I know that Norwegian food may be healthier, but Hald's food is closest to Brazilian food.