Home Sweet Home

On 29th September 2018 we arrived in Sandnes. We were a little anxious about the question of what it would be like to live in a Host Family for 6 months. For me, in the beginning it was a challenge to learn to get used to the idea of living with a host family an other country.

Despite the apprehension of the unknown, we were very well received by the Caixeta Thingnaes family. We have two gorgeous little host sisters and a dog brother. As soon as we got home, we were alerted by our host mother: "Look, here at home is a mix of languages. We speak Portuguese, English and Norwegian at same time and sometimes we just switch the languages. So, you get used to this mix of languages."

Let me explain: our host mother is Brazilian, and she worked for a long time at Laget of Brazil. Having a Brazilian host mother makes all the difference because it's like we're at home in Brazil. But at the same time, it's funny because our host mother is more norwegian than brazilian. In fact, she was totally absorbed by the Norwegian culture. One of the funniest things to note is that our host father also speaks Portuguese and occasionally tries to make some jokes that make sense in English but that in Portuguese there is no sense at all.

Our 3-year-old little host sister understands well when her mother speaks Portuguese with her, but she answers in Norwegian. She used to talk to us in Norwegian, but unfortunately, we still do not understand everything what she says. A few weeks ago, I was letting my beard grow, but my host sister called me Santa Klaus. Then I understood that it was time to shave.

We also have another little sister sister of 8 months and they love us with their sense of humor. There is no bad time for her because everything we do for her is fine. Her smile lights up our family. And it's amazing to know one thing: she eats everything her parents put on the table.

And we have a dog brother. His name is Aslan. We call it vacuum cleaner because he usually eats all the food that our host sisters drop on the floor after dinner.

We are like so much to working at the University of Stavanger with Laget and applying devotionals in High Schools. We are in a wonderful environment so that we can do consistent work in Sandnes and Stavanger. We have a fantastic family and a small team but very good team to work. In fact, our host norwegian-brazilian family is the best part of intership.