First impressions...

We arrived in Stavanger/Sandnes on the begging of October. Here, we live with a family in Sandnes but the Laget Office is in Stavanger. The Laget Office is in the NMS Building and it is very nice to make network with the staff workers from NMS.

Usually, we have a staff meeting once a week at Laget Office. Those meetings have been very important to build a team strong and which work well together. Our team is not big, I think it is very small for a region so big as Rogaland. However, we trust God and we know that all is in His control. Here, our main work has been visiting the Laget group at University of Stavanger and groups at High Schools. It has been very nice at UiS and our plan to January is to start a study bible group in English weekly at UiS.

About Stavanger, I could identify it is a city with many immigrants. When I walk on streets I can hear different languages and I can see different type of people as well. This kind of environment is very nice, and I feel very well here. Sandnes is not so different from Stavanger. It is a city a bit smaller, but it is very cozy. I usually say that I prefer Stavanger at evening and Sandnes at morning and afternoon.

written by Felipe Augusto

Laget Office in Stavanger

Laget Office in Stavanger