Coffee service (by Olivia)

We live in Oslo, and we attend Mortensrud church FRIKIRKE. I really enjoyed the coffee church services. I will tell you about that.

We came early to the church at 10'o clock, because the Church service start at 11'. We prepare the table, decorate it and light up all of the candle. And then, we make the coffee, thee, soft drink and prepare the small snack like cake, Norwegian bride, ships or whatever. We made the coffee staff be ready in the table such as glass, spoon, milk, thee and sugar...

An American women, called Marjorie helped me so much during this services. She said to me that this Sunday service is a good opportunity for me to experience with God and prepare me in my future life. We became friend!

You know, make coffee here in Norway is very different for my own country. Here, you just use machine coffee to make coffee. And I never use such kind of machine! Even, we use like this in our school but I never occupied making coffee before internship! That the point, because I didn't know how to use it. But I learned, learned and learned and finally I got to know it, even I lost some coffee not many! Make thee is easy, you just boil water and put it in the thermos.

I like also decoration, to make looks nice the coffee places, not boring!

I think, this kind of “Norwegian Sunday service culture” is important as we are Christian. It's not just service every Sunday but life as a Christian community. We can encourage each other and share God's love. Every one is more open on the “coffee service” after the church service! That's wonderful! What do you think?