Brit (by Olivia)

Britt is our contact personnel in Laget. She is such a warm person, humble and very active to God. she work as a French and Spanish teacher. we have a lot of experiences and good memories being working together.

At the first time, you spoke French because that is more easier to us to understand. And then, you teach us Norwegian. You gave us a paper, and you wrote an Norwegian word about “did you sleep well?”, “I work in Laget”, the Laget vision and Lord's prayer. You did not forget to ask what we have been learned in class!

Brit show much love and care to us. You help us and with us during our internship in Laget Oslo. Even you are not feel good, you are always brave. What is our plan this week? And you had the plan that we were going to do. You respect our differences between me and my teammate, and you found a way to manage it. Do you remember our coffee talk? I really enjoyed it. We did that many times, when we need it and it's so important. You gave us our task as we are responsible and you were helping us through it. Not only that, but you joined us at the first time, to open up the break because we were so new. It was so nice!

At the end, I will say that you really like environment. We had a moment together with many girls and you teach us to make crochet. You mentioned the importance of caring the environment and said that if we can make small crochet bag one, we can make big or something else for not using plastique bag.

You know Brit, It's hard for me to leave Oslo, but I have to.

I will miss you Brit!