Norway,is a beautiful country and have so many marvelous nature. In spring time nature is so amazing , with trees of different colors. We can see a lot of mountains here, and they have a beach, walking in the forest is the one I like a lot too. The environment is clean.

It's such an amazing experience that I found. When I was about to enter my home in Mortensrud, I saw a Norwegian walking with his dog. I was behind them. Then the dog pooped on the way, the day was already very dark. After that, the man does not let the poop down, but he takes the poop of the dog with him. It respects the environment and the others. respect the purity of the environment. This man is a good example.

Here in Norway, I learn not to use so many plastic bags when I go to the store, it also helps to proctect the environment. Instead of using a plastic bag, I now use nitt to bring fruit like orange in my Bag.

I like the way the people in Oslo  can do with the plastic bottle that have been used, because they can change them into money after using it. Isn`t recycling also, it motivate people to not throw it everywhere.

Keeping the environment clean is so important. When the air is clean, it makes you happy. When the water is pure, you stay healthy.So i enjoy so much being here in Norway because clean, hihi :-)

I think those who don`t pollute, clean the environment.