New funny challenge experience


On January 2019 , we had a camp ( student forum) in Trondheim. It was very nice. When we return back home our car is crashed. In the place where the crash is happen, there are no people no house, like nothing around, so it is far away. But there is some people travelling passed us. The car was broken and we was so afraid, and it was so cold in that time and dark. We was sleeping but we didnt hurt so much in that time. Every car who passed us stop and and said like are you okeh, what happen…``. Some of them call an ambulance for us but we didn`t expect it. And this ambulance checked us but we are doing well. One police car also is coming. The funny things was that, the police who is coming into us bring us with their car until the station because it little bit far, and they put us in the place behind, where they put the bad people, like little prison. It become funny because I never experience that.
I know that God protect us. And I am so thankfull, even if the car was so broken, we are safe and we are doing well.