My first experience with laget


Staff meeting

at laget office


We have internship here in oslo and as interact student we work with Laget wich is a christian organization here in Norway. The vision of Laget is `` We will make Jesus known to all schools and campuses in Norway so he is believed, loved and followed.``

Laget focus in evangelical in school, so they work with the student. I am so happy and thankfull for the opportunity that we have in working with Laget because we can share our faith at the university and grow in that faith also by doing the bible study.

We have staff meeting every Monday. During the meeting there is devotion, prayers and everyone participates for the sharing of their work last week and for what will be the specific program for week after. It was so great to do that because we get to know much better each one of us and its help us to know how Laget do.


The word of God is the first on which Laget focuses most. So they have ``Laget-Lunch`` wich  is a bible study that we do at the university during the lunch time, gathering people like preaching Jesus and get fun through game or talking also. "For the word of God is living and effective," it says in Hebrews 4:12. Therefore, Laget spend time studying the Bible.

fellowship time for bible study at oslomet

Christian Union

We have also Christian Union, it is a part of laget. Christian Union is a fellowship between youth student, and we do the meeting in Blindern, they have praying together and sharing, bible study, devotion, worship, video debate…we are actually international and national student, so the meeting is in English. we are supposed leader in Christian Union so we participate in leading sometimes the programme, it may be bible study or seminar or devotion or worship and prayers. Sometimes we cook and prepare malagasy food for the people coming in Christian Union.


We can discover more about Norway here with Christian Union, living the culture, because we went in cabane trip. And it was very great, we can know better each others and we had quite time and devotion there. i see that to be with christian youth is very good, happiness, and marvelous.

We can adapt the cold now here in oslo. we spend a lot of time in the street when we see snow and play with it. it`s like we become child, we enjoy playing in it.



fellowship with food before the meeting programm

Laget had a great seminar at Blindern, and we did a stand to invite the student from blindern  univesity to attend the seminar. There were many people arriving during this time. The seminar have an interesting topic and many student are coming. The seminar has been talking about these question which is the most asking by the others:

  • How can God be good when he lets anyone end up in hell?

  • why should you believe if you do not feel that you need it?

  • What is really the meaning of life?

  • If God exists, why does he not become more visible to us?

  • Is not it arrogant that you are right and others are wrong?

The important of the work in Laget in general is to make Jesus known in every school such us high school or universities. Sharing the gospel and bring people to Jesus. Be light into the darkness. For God alone is the glory for the opportunity in working for God with Laget.




stand in blindern.