Our names are Ismaelle (20 years old) and Olivia (22 years old). We live in Mortensrud, Oslo, and here we work with Laget which is a Christian organization that shares the good news of Christ with students.

Here we participate in meetings with Christian Union, we do sports in KRIK, Norwegian course in Mortensrud Frikirke and we visit some international churches. We also visit “lag” in schools and universities, and we do “Laget lunches” with students – those are simple bible studies in the lunch breaks.

During our stay here, Ismaelle is looking forward to discover more about Oslo and Norway, the culture, the faith and the people. She also wants to get to know God deeper, and share her faith in Jesus Christ with others. Olivia is also looking forward to know more about missions in Laget, and to be present here in Oslo.