SALE- Mahima Khaling Rai

 The earlier blog was about survival tips in crazy expensive Norway, when it comes to doing groceries. This time it’s gonna be another version of survival tips – How to shop for clothes when you fall under super cute category in size. This blog is also little bonus for you, on reading this blog you will learn to save money and at the same time you will learn to be trendy in fashion.  Isn’t that brilliant!

Okay I have to tell you, I have been shopping my clothes from KIDS store. FYI, this blog has defect. This hack only works for people that are gifted with tiny body and bound feet. So, this is not for everybody. But for all those lucky petite people, you are beautiful just the way you are, you just have to be creative when it comes to shopping for your outfit. But first let me tell you my struggle. When I went to try new pants, it was so long in length that the grunge that was supposed to be in the knee when down to my calf. The smallest waist size 24 did not fit this tinny waist. A shirt almost became a dress.  So you see now why I had to go to kids section. But then it was good thing for me, because I realized that it was lot more cheaper in the kids section and that they had cool stuffs there. I found out that I can still be in my chic style and be financially smart. Also, another best thing about being petite, I had my shoe size 35, good news for you, you can get amazing shoes in SALE, because most of the Norwegian women had shoe size 38+

SALE…how do I even describe my weakness for this. I had mentioned earlier that I had learned to become financially smart. But it seems like I have lot of learning to do when it comes to this trap called SALE. I call it a trap but my friend Gerson from Tanzania says that it is a black hole – once a woman gets in, she disappears in there.  The stores in Kristiansand have sale now and then, very often, and guess what, it attracts many women like a magnet attracts magnetic objects. I am speaking of firsthand experience so you have to trust me.

I saw this nice dress in SALE in ZARA. I felt in love with it, I thought many times before I bought it. But my excuses to buy the dresses won over my rational reasoning that I was in no need of buying it. Later when I came home and tried on the dress, I was like, was my head strike by thunder when I bought this dress. It was something that I would never wear it. I understood that my mind goes crazy when I see “SALE” and that I end up buying something that I do not need.

Once a store called “flying tiger” in Kristiansand had SALE, where you could get everything in 25 NOK, and I bought my stuffs (this time something I really needed) and I was waiting in queue to pay. In front of me was a woman with so many stuffs. The cashier was calculating her expenses but the woman was so anxious, (yes anxious- I checked it’s meaning in the dictionary). She was picking every possible thing she could, with expression in her face: as if this is once in a life time opportunity. She was anxiously looking around her and putting stuffs in the cart. Her husband was so much feed up of her obsession that he left her and went out of the store. When the cashier was done, she went out with 3 huge plastic bags of bits and bobs. I am sure she will not use half of the stuffs that she had bought there. It was quiet a scene caused by SALE.

That day, as I was returning home I noticed all SALE advertisements in the stores. Then in my head, I saw so many people like me and that woman in flying tiger, buying stuffs that we would never use it. I saw over consumption of goods. I saw over-exploitation of natural resources. I saw different kinds of fight developed countries have compared to developing countries and LDCs in terms of environmental problems. Since that incident at flying tiger almost 5 months has passed. I wonder if I had been wise to shop if I had been going crazy because of SALE, if it is still very important to be in fashion trend, If I was not consuming because it was expensive or because I wanted to minimize what I consumed? What did I do since I realized about over consumption. My time to interrogate myself.