Thank You to Heavy Taxation in Norway - Mahima Khaling Rai

I am still alive! Not eaten up by trolls from Norway.

So, I have been so much enjoying Norway that I forgot that I had blog post to write. UFFF what a life we are living!! So many things have happened during these past months. We have lots of catching up to do.

My life has changed from 50 kg, a little square face with sharp cheek bones to a total round face and 54 kg. (Let’s hope that my mind also got international shape like my body did) Well so far I am so done eating rice and Norwegian chicken from Kiwi, first price, which tastes best in the world. It seems like I will be eating chicken for the rest of my life. I am gonna miss the first price chicken from kiwi when I get back home. How am I gonna deal with that?

Okay back to straight talks again and no more sarcasm, In my whole 23 years of life, I was brought up in such a family where my mom is Home Minister and my darling papa is my ATM Machine. But things got changed as I moved to Norway for my exchange program. For the first time in my life I have been so much conscious about where my money goes, I think time and again before I buy anything. I am glad that my mom is going to be proud of me. Well, I have to tell you, I spend quiet a lot of time when I go food shopping here in Norway, since I’ve mentioned earlier, my desire for eating chicken for the rest of my life (off course, sarcastically), I have been eating lots of green vegetables and  it’s a lot expensive buying green vegetables in Norway. I have no options but to go hunt for the cheapest vegetable from store to store, otherwise I am starve to death.

This year has been amazing experience for me, especially in terms of learning to be independence, financially and administratively. I learned to be thrifty and I am still learning (FYI, thrifty is my mom’s favorite word), I got the experience of what it is like to work and take care of myself, like doing my own groceries, cleaning, planning my own vacations.

Well, thanks to heavy taxation in Norway, this has been awesome opportunity for me to learn about handling money. Let’s hope that I get to keep this habit when I go back home, even when things are cheap.

Reaction. At KIWI, Tangen, Kristiansand.

Reaction. At KIWI, Tangen, Kristiansand.