Mambo/Hello! We’re this years Kenya-team!

Our name is Kristin and Kristine, and yes, it’s gonna be a lot of misunderstandings because of that;) But that’s a nice icebreaker both here in Norway and in Kenya:)

In this blog we’re gonna share our experiences from this year. The first six weeks we´re at Hald in Mandal, the next six months we’re going to live in Kenya, and in the end we’re coming back to Hald for the last 2 months. Our teams program is a bit different from the other teams though, because we’re going to split after 3 months in Kenya. Then we´re gonna get a Kenyan teammate and move to two different places in the country.

We´re really excited about this year, and if you’re a bit over the top excited you can follow this blog and our Kenya-Account on instagram: KK_in_Nairobi